Testimonials & Accolades


“Fong’s has proven themselves to be a valuable partner for our company. They have continuously surpassed our expectations in technology, innovation, quality and overall professionalism.”
Chief Technology Officer, Stryker Corporation


“Fong’s attention to detail was remarkable throughout the manufacturing transfer process and highlighted the high level of quality they place on their work. Working with Fong’s is very easy and the customer service is one of the best I have work with in the industry, always responding quickly and appropriately.”
Sr. Manager, Product Engineering, TransEnterix


“Fong’s provides us with many innovative solutions that helps us stay ahead of the competition and on the leading edge of advanced technologies. They have a wide range of in house engineering and manufacturing capabilities and have proven quality processes in place that gives us confidence in any project we pursue with them.”
VP, Product Excellence, Stryker Corporation