Our Business Focus

Fong’s Engineering & Manufacturing Private Limited is a leading precision engineering company engaged in the design, manufacture and repair of products primarily for the medical industry.

The Company is headquartered in Singapore and has an operating track record of more than 3 decades. The Company, at inception, manufactured metal components for a variety of industries, including electronics, oil & gas and defense; however, it has increasingly focused on medical devices in recent years due to stronger margins and stickier customers. Its main products are medical devices, and the majority of sales are from couplers used surgical visualization in hospitals. These couplers are used in conjunction with camera systems attached to endoscopic devices, and are essential replaceable components needed in endoscopes which are used by surgeons and specialists to help see into a patient’s body. It also manufactures devices for robotic surgical systems and single-use, disposable pressure transducers used to measure a patient’s blood pressure in an intensive care environment. The Company’s products are sold globally by their principals, who are blue-chip US medical devices companies.